Learning like you've never experienced it before!

We are an online international school for Pre-K to 9 with teachers around the world delivering classes LIVE from the world's greatest landmarks.  What would you learn if you would travel the world with us?
Our instruction is LIVE and interactive, we offer full-time programs and individual courses.
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How it works


Live interactive online field classes with teachers around the world in the greatest places imaginable.


Collaborative and individual project based learning, where students work to solve real-world problems.


Live, instructor-led face to face online classes in language, science, math, arts, social studies...

Real Stamps

In addition to certificates, students obtain stickers for their Imagine & Make Passport when they complete activities.

Our students ❤️ Imagine & Make!
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Grade 5
"This is a really cool school because it's super fun and I get to build all sorts of things."
Grade 2
“Imagine & Make is great because I love learning about the world, my teacher Miss Sandy, and my friends.”
Grade 2
“I love it here because I can make projects and get to talk to people around the world.”
Grade 1
"I love the experiences and how I can make projects about them."
Grade 3
"Imagine & Make is the best school, it's fun and I've learned so much. It's always different."
Grade 2
“My favourite experience was in the Sahara when we saw the skins of animals that people use as water bottles! That's different to where I keep my water.”
Grade 6
“This is my favourite school ever because I get to see the reasons and the real world behind what I'm learning.”
Grade 1
"I like it because I've seen the pyramids and sea lions, and the Mona Lisa which is a very small painting!"
Grade 1
"I get to do experiments, learn about other people in different places and see where they live."
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Interact with people in different parts of the world, and explore the engineering, arts, and sciences behind their cultures through our incredible classes in real-time and in extraordinary places all around the globe. Some highlights include classes from the top of the Eiffel Tower, the middle of the Sahara Desert, and the streets of Bangkok.
Have a personal zoom with our founder! 😊

The learning objectives of a traditional school through a modern methodology.

At Imagine & Make, our education is based on experiences and projects. This accelerates learning consolidation and allows us to make content more advanced and complex.

When we see school topics in action, learning is easier.

The epicenter of our student model is motivation. Our job is not to deliver curricula, our job is to make sure our students are motivated to learn.
If our students will learn better about Darwin if we go to Galapagos, we'll do it!
Also, in addition to certificates, we mail our students a real Imagine & Make passport and real stickers every time they complete activities.

What's the chemistry behind mummification?

What's the chemistry behind mummification?


Hieroglyphs, triangles, angle, pyramids, prisms and the math behind one of the greatest engineering achievements in the ancient world... and more in our Giza module.

What's the philosophy behind mindfulness?

What's the philosophy behind mindfulness?


Philosophy for children, street food, lotus flowers, Asian architecture... and more in our Bangkok module.

Where do roman numerals come from?

Who invented the Roman numerals... and why?


The science behind preserved food, fractions through ingredients in pasta-making, gladiators, pizza, Pavarotti... and more in our Rome module.

Learning that goes beyond.

"The goal of primary education is linguistically simple and philosophically very complex. It's a stage where the priority of our teaching is to communicate to children what the point of life is. I believe passionately about Imagine & Make because it's different; it offers context to learning through real-world experiences and projects that inspire children to find solutions to real-life problems. Finding utility in learning should be the ultimate goal of education. I hope we offer a great shortcut to that."

-Rudy Silva

Some of the cool things our students have done!

In addition to our exercise booklets, our students are very hands in their learning with projects relevant to weekly topics... it's a full circle of learning.