Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Imagine & Make?

We are an online international school for Pre-K to 9 with teachers around the world. We delivered classes LIVE from the world's greatest landmarks!

What are the learning goals?

We believe children are capable of learning through experimentation. Our project-based learning model coupled with our LIVE expeditions offers students a unique perspective on real-world places and topics.

What are our values, philosophy and educational structure like?

Our main focus is learning science by combining multiple intelligences, educational neuroscience, and STEM in our curriculum and include them in our weekly themes and topics. Our classroom activities include a focus on language, science & math, history, culture.

Where are the teachers from?

Imagine & Make has teachers around the world, including for our classes that are conducted LIVE from around the world! We offer full-time programs and individual courses catering to each child's unique capabilities.

What are Imagine & Make teachers like?

Teachers are qualified in their fields of expertise. They provide the necessary structure for online lessons, showing up with a smile and a passion for teaching!

What is the role of Imagine & Make teachers?

Teachers follow a structured learning program with clear learning goals for the students. They guide students towards these goals in a project-based format.

How individualized is the teaching?

There's no one-size-fits-all. Our teachers work with parents and students to deliver individualized paths. Learning objectives are personalized based on parent-teacher interviews, student-teacher interviews, development throughout the school year, and individual goals.

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