Mia, Grade 3

Grade 2

These are only some of the learning outcomes for our full-time program for Grade 2.

Math & Engineering

Intro to Coding
Math with LEGO
Basic fractions
2-D & 3-D Shapes Around the World
Addition and Subtraction of Two-digit
Patterns Around the World
What is Information Technology?
Money Conversions
How Can I Build Stuff with Engineering?
The Geometry of the Eiffel Tower
The Engineering behind the Golden Gate
Number Systems Around the World
The Calendar and the Aztecs
From 0 to 100 and Beyond
Mental Mathematics Strategies
Algebraic Expressions & Egypt
Direct or Indirect Measurement
Basic Multiplication and Division
Introduction to the Cartesian Plane
Analysis of Mathematical Problems
The Aztec Calendar
Statistics & Probability to Solve Problems
Basic Multiplication and Division


Neuroscience for Children
How Does My Brain Learn?
Dinosaurs in North America
Intro to Evolutionary Biology and Galapagos
The Chemistry behind Cooking
The Science of Everyday Objects
Food Classification
Properties of Solids, Liquids, and Gases
Medicine from Antiquity to COVID19
Regional and World Endemic Flora and Fauna
What Does Biology Study?
Position & Motion
Animal Exploitation and Sustainability
Grow Your Own Food!
Properties and Water Cycle
Photosynthesis & Solar Energy
States of Water
Pollution Prevention
Introduction to Geology
The Science behind Magic
Women in Science
What is Biodiversity?
What is Ecology?
What is Geology?


Short & Long Vowels
Meaningful Writing
Sentence Structure
Nouns & Pronouns
Consonant Blends
Punctuation and Capitalization
R, G & C
Adjectives, Adverbs & Articles
What is Text Messaging?
Information as Infographic
Common Greek Words in English
Writing Systems Around the World
My First Novel
Songs as a Means of Communication
Digital Creation of Interactive Stories
Introduction to Famous Books
Linguistic Diversity in Different Countries
Spoken English Accents Around the World

Music & Arts

The Stories behind Famous Artists
What is an HTML Color?
Introduction to Visual Design
Art Symbolisms & the Louvre
Urban Art in Berlin
Introduction to Architecture
Art as Scientific Creative Support
Broadway & the Origin of Theater in Greece
The Thaumatrope and Movies
Cultural Heritage
Composers and Musical Periods
The Music behind Disney Films
Building Videogames
Major and Minor Scales in Pop Music
My First Song


Country, Identity, and National Symbols
What is Bullying?
Introduction to Economic Geography
What is Teamwork?
The Beginning & End of Life
Resolution of Social Conflicts
Duties and Rights
Negotiation Skills for Children
My Family as Social Epicentre
Leadership for Children
Assertive Communication for Children
Round Tables
Democracy and Other Types of Government
Laws and Rules
Best internet practices


Philosophy for Children
What is Resilience?
What is Self-esteem?
What is Psychology?
Digital Literacy & Content Management
Diversity and Interculturality
Talent Development
My Personality
Gratitude and Wat Pho in Bangkok